Come leggiamo

Leggere è un'esperienza così diversa, e personale, per ciascuno di noi. Mi interessa sempre molto sapere come, quando, perché si legge, oltre a che cosa. Ecco quel che dice Jhumpa Lahiri in una breve riflessione sull'argomento uscita sull'ultimo numero del New Yorker (dedicato ai racconti dell'estate e quindi molto interessante, con grandi nomi): "Bengali was my first language, what I spoke and heard at home. But the books of my childhood were in English, and their subjects were, for the most part, either English or American lives. I was aware of a feeling of trespassing. I was aware that I did not belong to the worlds I was reading about: that my family's life was different, that different food graced our table, that different holidays were celebrated, that my family cared and fretted about different things. And yet when a book was in my possession, and as I read it, this didn't matter. I entered into a pure relationship with the story and its characters, encountering fictional worlds as if physically, inhabiting them fully, at once immersed and invisible." newyorker.

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