Le parolacce e il New Yorker

La storia del New Yorker: Calvin Trilllin, uno dei collaboratori più spiritosi dell'elegante rivista, racconta come è riuscito a far pubblicare alcune parolacce , ma solo perché erano citazioni... Ecco come comincia l'articolo, "In 1993, when The New Yorker for the first time ran a photograph of a bare-breasted actress, a subscriber wrote me to express outrage at what had happened to a magazine once known for its elegant, understated prose. The only defence I could think of was that they were small breasts, so you could say that the tradition of understatement was still alive. But then I started wondering, 'Why did she write me?' Was she implying that it was because of people like me that a once high-minded magazine had come to this?" globeandmail.

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