Artists in the Kitchen

Auguro a tutti BUON ANNO NUOVO con la segnalazione di un curioso libro di cucina, The Modern Art Cookbook, di Mary Ann Caws (Reaktion). Ecco quel che ne dice Alex Danchev:
"Connecting the senses is what The Modern Art Cookbook is all about. For Mary Ann Caws, the larger purpose of this delectable anthology is the association of reading, looking and cooking. It is a potpourri (or perhaps a bouillabaisse) of literary texts in verse and prose, recipes and images: paintings, for the most part, spiced with photographs and film stills – Salvador Dalí photographed by Luis Buñuel, Cadaqués, 1929, opposite Pablo Picasso’s Scramble in Sea Urchin Shells (sixteen sea urchins, six very fresh eggs, two soup spoons of crème fraiche, twelve chervil sprigs, salt and pepper); Edward Weston, “Pepper No.30” (1930), opposite Nancy Willard’s “How To Stuff a Pepper”; Bogart and bottle in Casablanca, opposite a recipe for Maryse Condé’s Planter’s Punch; the servants at table, below stairs, in The Rules of the Game, opposite a recipe for Jean Renoir’s Potato Salad, from that same film".TLS.

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