Elogio dei ritratti

Ritratti letterari. Un genere in disuso, a parte sul New Yorker. Dwight Garner propone tre vecchie raccolte gustose: 
Kenneth Tynan’s “The Sound of Two Hands Clapping” (1975), is an assortment of the kind of critical profiles that no one really writes anymore. My god, these pieces are resonant. Tynan’s epic profile of Roman Polanski has long been a particular favorite.
Rex Reed’s “People are Crazy Here” (1974). The long profile of an aging Tennessee Williams in “People are Crazy Here” is worth the price of admission alone.
Michael Lydon’s “Rock Folk: Portraits from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Pantheon” (1971), is a lost classic, a rolling series of profiles that crank down the windows in your mind. nyt.

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