Summer of '38

Questa settimana ci imbattiamo spesso in Colm Tóibín, e con grande piacere. Molto bello il suo racconto, "Summer of '38" sul New Yorker: rivela nel suo modo chiaro, pacato e come pudico un lato profondo e inusuale del rapporto uomo/donna/figli. In un'intervista l'autore dice:
Montse’s eldest child, Rosa, is the product of her affair. Why does Paco, her husband, who is not Rosa’s father, always seem to love this child better than his own, even though he is laughed at by the townspeople for doing so?
Paco is the hero of the story. He knows what he wants. He wants to be married to Montse. He has no pride. He wants her. He is sure about that. If it weren’t for Rosa, he knows, he would not have Montse. He is grateful to the child for giving him the happy domesticity he wanted. newyorker.

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