Proust alla Morgan Library

La Morgan Library di New York celebra i 100 anni dalla pubblicazione di La strada di Swan con una mostra di taccuini, foto e altri documenti della Bibliothèque nationale de France.
Colm Tóibín coglie l'occasione per fare delle considerazioni interessanti su Marcel e sua mamma e le conseguenze che il loro rapporto hanno sulla scrittura di Marcel. "A specter haunts the exhibition of Proust’s notebooks, manuscripts, and correspondence currently running at the Morgan Library. It is the specter of Proust’s mother. As you move from left to right in the room, the photograph of maman with her two sons, which appears first, sends a shiver down your spine. ... 
The first letter sets the scene. It is written to Marcel from his mother in 1895 when he is twenty-four and in Dieppe with Reynaldo Hahn. She is concerned about what time he goes to bed and what time he rises. Her letter is a demand for precise information. So she writes Couche and leaves a blank for him to fill in and then Leve and leaves another blank. Perhaps it is too fanciful to suggest that when he did begin to explain himself in his long novel, started a few years after his mother’s death, he had the lovely idea that his mother, by dying, had left an enormous blank for him to fill in. She wanted all the details, she wanted to be spared nothing as she sat on her chair in heaven, her eyes cast down, and he would do anything to please her. nybooks.

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