Why Writers Should Learn Math

Perché la matematica diventa - dopo i primi passi - un linguaggio estremamente creativo e metaforico, come spiega bene Alexander Nazaryan, citando molti scrittori e qualche matematico. "As the mathematician Terence Tao has written, math study has three stages: the “pre-rigorous,” in which basic rules are learned, the theoretical “rigorous” stage, and, last and most intriguing, “the post-rigorous,” in which intuition suddenly starts to play a part. As Tao notes, “It is only with a combination of both rigorous formalism and good intuition that one can tackle complex mathematical problems; one needs the former to correctly deal with the fine details, and the latter to correctly deal with the big picture. Without one or the other, you will spend a lot of time blundering around in the dark.” newyorker.

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