La casa di Eudora Welty

Sono sempre molto incuriosita dalle case, anche da quelle degli scrittori. La casa di Eudora Welty, a Jackson in Mississippi, è descritta da Margaret Eby sulla Paris Review. "Miss Eudora, as native Jacksonites affectionately call her, was a fixture in the capital city of Mississippi from her childhood until her death in 2001. ... Welty's house, a Tudor-style revival tucked into a thicket of pines, is almost unbearably welcoming. Visiting feels like an intrusion on her privacy. ... Piles of books cram into shelves in almost every room and teeter in piles on most surfaces: dictionaries, collections of Greek myths, novels by Wodehouse, Thurber, O’Connor, and Pritchett. Her nieces used to complain that when they visited Eudora, they had to move a stack of books just to sit down". parisreview.

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