Going Solo

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone (Penguin Press), di Eric Klinenberg propone un'analisi molto interessante della società attuale. Ecco quel che ne dice David Brooks, "... we have gone from a society that protected people from their frailties to a society that allows people to maximize their talents. The old settled social structures were stifling to many creative and dynamic people (and in those days discrimination stifled people even more). But people who were depressed, disorganized and disadvantaged were able to lead lives enmeshed in supportive relationships. Today, the fast flexible and diverse networks allow the ambitious and the gifted to surf through amazing possibilities. They are able to construct richer, more varied lives. They are able to enjoy interesting information-age workplaces and then go home and find serenity in a one-bedroom apartment. ... These trends are not going to reverse themselves. So maybe it's time to acknowledge a core reality: People with skills can really thrive in this tenuous, networked society. People without those advantages would probably be better off if we could build new versions of the settled, stable and thick arrangements we’ve left behind. nyt.

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