40 termini letterari

che bisogna conoscere. Secondo The Centered Librarian. Al n. 6 c'è: Bowdlerize: Because of his numerous silly cuts and edits to Shakespeare (SHAKESPEARE!), Thomas Bowdler has become immortalized as the unintentional founder of yet another word for censorship and needless meddling. When American The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy editions replaced the f-dash-dash-dash word with "Belgium," it found itself on the receiving end of a serious bowdlerizing. centeredlibrarian.

Il punto va prima o dopo le virgolette? Dipende dal paese, e dal tipo di documento. Comunque si legga The Rise of "Logical Punctuation" di Ben Yagoda su Slate, "For at least two centuries, it has been standard practice in the United States to place commas and periods inside of quotation marks. This rule still holds for professionally edited prose: what you'll find in Slate, the New York Times, the Washington Post - almost any place adhering to Modern Language Association (MLA) or AP guidelines. But in copy-editor-free zones - the Web and emails, student papers, business memos - with increasing frequency, commas and periods find themselves on the outside of quotation marks, looking in.  A punctuation paradigm is shifting. slate.

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