Saul Bellow, serial marrier

Saul Bellow e sua moglie Janis nel 2002
Le lettere di Saul Bellow, a cura di Benjamin Taylor, usciranno il prossimo 4 novembre presso Penguin Classics. Rachel Cooke, dell'Observer, intervista la vedova, Janis Freedman Bellow. "When they began their relationship, Bellow had already chalked up four ex-wives: Anita Goshikin, Alexandra Tsachacbasov, Susan Glassman and Alexandra Ionescu Tulcea. He was also in possession of three grown-up sons. Wasn't she wary? 'You'd think that I ought to have been,' she says. 'But all that receded. I wasn't in any way wary. He wasn't really a bad boy. He was a serial marrier, but it had to do with a strange desire on his part to be intimate, to have love at the centre of his life. That was part of the daring I saw in him. He was audacious! What would it take to start over again [at that time in your life]? He was hungry in his soul. 'I'm going to have that,' he thought."

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