The Wire

Lorrie Moore analizza The Wire, una serie televisiva molto popolare, dura e bella (anche secondo Moore), andata in onda negli USA qualche anno fa e mai approdata, a quel che mi sembra, in Italia. Dice Moore, facendo anche una lezione di scrittura, "So confident are Simon and Burns [gli autori] in their enterprise that they have with much justification called the program 'not television' but a 'novel.' Certainly the series's creators know what novelists know: that it takes time to transform a social type into a human being, demography into dramaturgy, whether time comes in the form of pages or hours. With time as a medium rather than a constraint one can show a profound and unexpected aspect of a character, and discover what that character might decide to do because of it. With time one can show the surprising interconnections within a chaotic, patchworked metropolis". nybooks.

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