Dominick Dunne, Too Much Money: A Novel (Crown). Romanzo postumo con un protagonista alter ego dell'autore, che alla fine si dichiara gay. lat.

Adam Phillips, Barbara Taylor, On Kindness (Penguin). "On Kindness deals, en passant, with many varieties of love... [and] ends, or almost ends, with a ringing denunciation of free-market economics." Nicholas Lezard, G/O.

L'Ottendorfer Library, la prima biblioteca pubblica di New York City ha compiuto 125 anni, e li ha festeggiati nella sua sede restaurata dell'East Village.
Nei college adesso furoreggiano i corsi sulla crisi economica. nyt.

Reasons to love New York 2009.

The Twelve Days of Christmas 2009 di Carol Ann Duffy, British poet laureate.
1 ON THE FIRST DAY OF CHRISTMAS,/ a buzzard on a branch./ In Afghanistan,/ no partridge, pear tree;/ but my true love sent to me/ a card from home./ I sat alone,/ crouched in yellow dust,/ and traced the grins of my kids/ with my thumb./ Somewhere down the line,/ for another father, husband,/ brother, son, a bullet/ with his name on. ecc. fino a 12. radiotimes.

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