La fine dei prof.

Insegnare è una carriera che nessuno vuol più fare. "My undergraduates’ career plans are a peculiar mix of naked ambition and hair-shirt altruism. If they pursue investment banking, they do so not merely to make money. Rather, they wish to use their eventual wealth to distribute solar light bulbs to every resident of a developing nation. They’ll apply to the finest law schools in hopes of some day judging war criminals at The Hague. Countless want to code. They dream of engineering an app that will make tequila flow out of thin air into your outstretched shot glass. My students, I suspect, are receiving their professional advice from a council of emojis. There is one occupation, however, that rarely figures in their reveries. Few of these kids hanker to become professors". A scrivere è Jacques Berlinerblau, professore di Jewish civilization a Georgetown University. chronicleof highereducation.

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