Francine Prose discute sui recenti film biografici e sulle polemiche che hanno suscitato, a causa di errori storici. Ma i biopics devono veramente essere fedeli alla realtà storica?
"Meanwhile I can’t help noticing the difference between historical films whose veracity stirs up a controversy and historical films about which nobody seems to care if they’re true or not. One need only compare the tenor of the conversations generated by the mistakes in Selma and (to a somewhat lesser extent) The Imitation Game with those kicked up by the question of what Mike Leigh did and didn’t get right in his brilliant Mr. Turner; in fact, it would seem, not many people went to see Leigh’s biopic about the landscape painybooks.
nter, J.M.W. Turner, though it was one of the best films of last year". (Nella foto, Timothy Spall as J.M.W. Turner in Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner, 2014).

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