La storia del New Yorker di questa settimana si intitola "Breadman" ed è di J. Robert Lennon. Intervistato da Cressida Leishon: 
Your story "Breadman,” takes place largely in a bread line, as a man waits to buy some bread for his wife. When did the idea for the story come to you? Did you want to satirize a current obsession with artisanal food?
The idea came to me while I was in line waiting to buy some bread for my wife—or, rather, it really came to me while relating the story of the bread line to my friend Adam in a bar some years later. I suppose that I wanted the story to sneakily present itself as a parody of trendy food, before quietly undermining itself and changing into one about the social mores of small communities, including the smallest of all, marriage. newyorker.

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