Un appartamento a NY

Ho scelto questo post per la foto. E per l'argomento: gli appartamenti di Manhattan. "And yet apartments nevertheless share certain qualities with stage sets—each room, even a bathroom, is a scenario into which people exit and enter. The sense of performance and audience—and, by extension, voyeurism—is built into the landscape. To glance at the façade of an apartment building, especially at night, when the windows are a crossword puzzle of light and dark boxes, is to be reminded that there may be someone looking back at you. This tension—between the apartment as a redoubt and source of privacy and as a place of performance, where privacy is relentlessly invaded—is further amplified by the fact that apartment buildings are filled with spaces that are public and yet, in some ways, especially private, because you never expect to see someone there: places like the laundry room, the storage room, the roof, or the backstairs". Thomas Beller, newyorker.

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