What Would Lynne Tillman Do?

What Would Lynne Tillman Do? è il titolo dell'ultimo libro di Lynne Tillman, una raccolta di saggi, edito da Red Lemonade. L'introduzione, apparsa sul New Yorker, è di Colm Tóibín. "Her aura as she moved onto the stage was both casual and nervous. It was clear that she had done this before. She was not going to stumble or fumble to get the audience on her side, but that confidence was matched by a guardedness, an unease, and a way of maintaining a distance that might have been theatrical. I was not sure. In one of her books, she writes of a character: “Once she dreamed, on the night before a reading she was to give, that rather than words on paper, there were tiny objects linked one to another, which she had to decipher instantly, and turn into words, sentences, a story, flawlessly, of course.”
She was wearing black; she had a glass of whiskey on the rocks in her hand. Her delivery was dry, deadpan, deliberate". newyorker.

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