Lavorare alla libreria Rizzoli di NYC

Ce lo racconta lo scrittore Jon Michaud, "Though I submitted applications to Endicott, Books & Co., Gotham, and the rest, none save Rizzoli offered me a job. I started as a clerk on September 15, 1991, and worked at the store until June of 1994, eventually rising to the position of merchandising manager and buyer. That’s three Christmas seasons, each of which I remember like a case of food poisoning after a great meal. “Libraries raised me,” Ray Bradbury famously said. Rizzoli did much the same for me. It was my first New York mentor, the place where I learned about so many of the things college didn’t teach me. I had come confidently, cockily to New York to be a writer, but in the light of the store’s Diocletian window, I was soon made aware that I was an ignoramus. Rizzoli introduced me to Egon Schiele, Keith Haring, Palladio, Robert A. M. Stern, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus, Cindy Sherman, and the music of Jacques Brel, Charles Trenet, and Paolo Conte. In those carpeted aisles I first read the words of Montaigne, Dante, and Italo Svevo. The store and its senior staff also schooled me in the ways of the city, the constant combustion of commerce, art, status, desire, work, and play that dnewyorker.
rives New York".

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