Susan Sontag: The Complete Rolling Stone Interview

Susan Sontag: The Complete Rolling Stone Interview è il titolo di un libro di Jonathan Cott, uscito presso la Yale University Press. Contiene l'edizione completa di una famosa intervista rilasciata da Sontag alla rivista Rolling Stone nel 1978 e pubblicata, allora, solo in parte. Qui è accompagnata da una prefazione e note di Jonathan Cott, uno degli editor della rivista.
"But this long and largely genial portrait of the (not always quite so genial) intellectual in middle age also amounts to a strong and deeply personal argument about what it means to be cultured—an argument for why a middle-aged intellectual might be something worth being in the first place. Part of what is so appealing about Sontag’s thinking is the absence of any heavy intellectual machinery being brought to bear on whatever topic she happens to be considering; there is rarely very much in the way of dogma to be contended with. But there is a kind of personal dialectic at work in her attitude toward herself, toward her writing and reading and thinking and speaking. “The most awful thing,” as she puts it in the book’s final lines, “would be to feel that I’d agree with the things I’ve already said and written—that is what would make me most uncomfortable because that would mean that I had stopped thinking.” Mark O'Connell per slate.

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