In Cold Blood

Un bell'articolo di  Patrick Radden Keefe su Capote e the making of In Cold Blood. "But what is interesting, given that Capote omitted any mention of himself from the narrative, is the degree to which we remain fascinated not just by In Cold Blood, but by the process of its creation. Along with these periodic revelations about Capote’s novelistic license, two films in recent years were based not on the book, but on its making.
Some of this persistent interest in the backstory of In Cold Blood may simply be a product of its greatness: even detractors who would like to see it plucked from the True Crime section and reshelved permanently in Fiction still tend to concede that the book was a major literary achievement. But Capote’s infractions also raise enduring questions about the slippery boundary between truth and fiction in narrative journalism, and the relationships that develop between a reporter and his sources. newyorker.

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