L'ultimo libro di Sendak

L'ultimo libro di Maurice Sendak, My Brother's Book (HarperCollins), è uscito postumo lo scorso 5 febbraio. E' dedicato al fratello, Jack, morto nel 1995, scrittore per bambini e collaboratore di Maurice, e a Eugene Glynn, morto nel 2007, psicoanlista e compagno dello scrittore. Bruce Handy, di Vanity Fair, dice: "Is it possible for someone as beloved and as habitually honored as Maurice Sendak to be, at the same time, under-appreciated? His final book, the posthumous, just-published My Brother’s Book (available February 5th), makes me think yes. It’s not his best work, but what is? That’s the “curse” of having written and illustrated Where the Wild Things Are when you were 35 and In the Night Kitchen when you were 42 and then living to be 83. But My Brother’s Book is a perfect coda to a singular career, a lovely and moving distillation. It’s also, as the title implies, Sendak’s most overtly personal book. It’s the work of a man facing loss and death who still had deep reservoirs of craft, imagination, and feeling from which to draw. It’s the work not of a great children’s author and illustrator but of a great writer and artist, period". vanityfair.

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