Narcissism vs Self-Esteem

Secondo un recente sondaggio la grande sicurezza in sé che dimostrano gli studenti universitari americani tende verso il narcisismo e non è affatto una qualità positiva nei confronti del loro futuro lavorativo.
"In The Narcissism Epidemic (Free Press), co-written with Keith Campbell, Jean Twenge blames the growth of narcissistic attitudes on a range of trends - including parenting styles, celebrity culture, social media and access to easy credit, which allows people to appear more successful than they are.
"What's really become prevalent over the last two decades is the idea that being highly self-confident - loving yourself, believing in yourself - is the key to success.
"Now the interesting thing about that belief is it's widely held, it's very deeply held, and it's also untrue." bbc.

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