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Adam Mansbach sui dolori dei book tours: "A lot can go wrong on a book tour. For instance ... nobody shows up to the reading. ...
This, however, is not even close to the worst thing than can happen. Far, far worse is when one to four people show up, speckling the 30 folding chairs the bookstore has arranged before the microphone and podium like survivors of some horrible plague.
Fuck it, you say – four or 400, you’re a professional and you’re going to do your job. You came all this way, and these kind souls bothered to show up. And hell, there’s a dozen other people browsing the aisles; maybe they’ll hear your voice and wander over one by one, intrigued.  ...
What actually happens is, the fourth person gathers up his stuff and walks out after you’ve read two pages, nearly breaking your fool heart. Some other random bozo does indeed wander over and take his place, but only because he needs a place to read the real estate broker’s licensing handbook ...
It’s also possible that the bookstore will go out of business in the middle of your reading. salon.

p.s. il nuovo libro di Adam Mansbach è Rage Is Back (Viking)

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