Aggiungi didascalia
"Demeter" è la storia del New Yorker di questa settimana. E' di Maile Meloy ed è così descritta dalla scrittrice: "I first read the Demeter and Persephone story as a kid, in the D’Aulaires’ “Book of Greek Myths,” when my brother and I—and all our friends—were shuttling back and forth between our divorced parents’ houses, and it always struck me as a joint custody story. This summer, the writer and editor Kate Bernheimer asked me to contribute to a collection of stories based on myths (forthcoming, Penguin 2013), and Demeter seemed like the obvious choice. In the myth, as I understood and remembered it, the harvest goddess goes into mourning when she has to give up her daughter, and in her grief she lets the world go barren. It’s an origin story about the seasons, but also a story about separation and compromise. Joint custody, when I was a kid, seemed like the great solution to the problem of divorce, and it was, but it had its own consequences: it set up opposition, and produced ingrained habits, and carved up the year very vividly in your brain..." newyorker.

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