Calvin Trillin

Calvin Trillin ha recentemente vinto il Thurber Prize for American Humor. Ecco quel che dice in un'intervista:
Who are your favorite contemporary humorists?
I enjoy Sandy (Ian) Frazier from the New Yorker. He's already won a Thurber or two I believe. Garrison Keillor is funny, Dave Barry always makes me laugh. My daughters and I have a special appreciation for David Sedaris. ...
Is immaturity essential for writers of humor?
If you're asking if all humor writers are childish, it reminds me of something they say Woody Allen said. And I don't know that he said it, but something about humor writers always have to eat at the children's table. In our family people fight to eat at the children's table. There are food fights at the children's table. We recently had to tell my 35-year-old daughter that she couldn't sit at the children's table anymore. We had to make room for children. clevelandcom.

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