Perché i newyorchesi amano Krasznahorkai

László Krasznahorkai (nella foto)  è uno scrittore ungherese che in questo momento fa furore a New York. Hari Kunzru spiega perché: "The thing about New York (and, a fortiori, the gentrified bits of Brooklyn, where writers go when their Manhattan apartments are expropriated by the One Percent) is that it doesn't have a "contemporary master of the apocalypse". It has post-Ivy relationship anatomists, adderall-enhanced pop culture essayists, dirty realist white-guy novelists and hipster poets who transcribe their sexts and cut them up with Wikipedia entries on HPV and Jersey Shore. It has, at the last count, 247 trillion recent MFA graduates, at least a dozen of which are to be found, on any given morning, abseiling down the glassy exterior of the Random House publishing building, in an attempt to get Sonny Mehta to read their collection of short stories modelled on Denis Johnson's Jesus's Son". guardian.

2 commenti:

  1. Non conosco Krasznahorkai, ma la descrizione dei giovani scrittori americani è perfetta.

  2. Sono in montagna e non apro il blog ogni giorno. In ogni modo, questo paragrafo è una bella sfida per un traduttore, non ti pare?