I diari di Mavis Gallant

Mavis Gallant nel 1950
I diari di Mavis Gallant saranno pubblicati in un prossimo, imprecisato, futuro da Knopf, a cura di Frances Kiernan, amica della scrittrice. Deborah Treisman, del New Yorker, la intervista. 

Mavis Gallant, who will turn ninety in a few weeks, kept a diary for more than fifty years. You’ve been transcribing her notebooks with the aim of editing and publishing the diaries in book form. Can you tell us a bit about the scope of that project?
The diaries themselves are vast. Handwritten mostly, with a few typed pages, dating from 1952 through 2007—dozens and dozens of notebooks. They represent almost daily entries from a true master of the detail, and in reading these journals I have come to understand that they were a kind of flexing of her writing muscles: practice, perhaps, for the layered and complex observations in her short stories. newyorker.

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