Genevieve Jones

La vita di Genevieve Jones, ornitologa dell'età vittoriana, che studiò e dipinse le uova e i nidi degli uccelli dell'Ohio, è raccontata in un bel libro di Joy Kiser, America's Other Audubon (Princenton Architectural Press). "When she was only six years old, Genevieve Jones, known to her friends as Gennie, began accompanying her father Nelson, a medical student and amateur ornithologist, on buggy rides into the wilderness, searching for birds’ nests and collecting eggs to add to their make-shift cabinet of natural history. One spring morning in the 1850s, Gennie found an intricate bird’s nest that neither her father nor Howard, her younger brother, could identify. An inquisitive mind, she set out to find a book that would solve the mystery, only to find that no one had ever written one to help people differentiate the nests and eggs of various birds. What followed was a remarkable story of art, science, and entrepreneurship, full of tragedy and triumph, as the Jones family embarked upon filling that void in natural history. brainpickings.

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