Nora Ephron

Con molta tristezza ho saputo della morte di Nora Ephron. Mi piaceva molto. La voglio ricordare con un racconto autobiografico - uscito il 5 giugno 2006 sul New Yorker - che mi ha sempre ispirato molto e che ogni tanto vado a rileggere. "In February, 1980, two months after the birth of my second child and the simultaneous end of my marriage, I fell madly in love with a huge apartment on the Upper West Side. It was on the fifth floor of the Apthorp, a famous stone pile on the corner of Broadway and 79th Street. The rent was $1500 a month, which, by Manhattan standards, was practically a bargain. In addition, I had to pay the previous tenant $24,000 in key money for the right to move in. The apartment had beautiful rooms; high ceilings; lots of light; two gorgeous fireplaces; and five bedrooms. I was planning to live there forever. Till death did us part. All stories about love begin with a certain amount of rationalization. After a few weeks, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else ...". Purtroppo per leggerlo tutto bisogna essere abbonati, comunque ecco il link newyorker.

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