Edith Wharton e le case

La casa di Wharton a Lenox, Mass.
Un bell'articolo di Alexandra Lange sulla passione che Edith Wharton aveva per le case, l'arredamento, i giardini. Passione che si rivela nelle case che ha arredato e nei romanzi. "Those rooms show the difference between the lot of the single man and the single woman in New York society as vividly as the dialogue. The societal rituals Wharton satirizes and elegizes always have specific sets. In “The Age of Innocence,” she nods to the future development of Manhattan real estate with a sidelong reference to the pioneering spirit of Mrs. Manson Mingott, who “put the crowning touch to her audacities by building a large house of cream-colored stone … in an inaccessible wilderness near the Central Park.” Location, architectural style, and decoration make a language—one Wharton could read and write fluently". newyorker.

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