It's Dangerous to Be an Artist

La (o il?) Los Angeles Review of Books ha rinnovato il suo sito, arricchendolo con diverse funzioni e sezioni, tra cui una dedicata alle interviste. Dall'intervista a David Cronenberg, It's Dangerous to Be an Artist, "It's dangerous to be an artist. That's what we talk about in Naked Lunch. It's dangerous on many different levels. Politically it can be dangerous, but psychologically it can be quite dangerous too. You make yourself very vulnerable. You put yourself out there and of course you open yourself up to criticism and attack. And so you have to be strong if you're going to make movies. But once you accept that movies can come from anywhere, that a movie can come from a dream or a conversation or a newspaper article, or it could be based on real people, you can expand that and say it could come from a work of art that someone has already done. It could be a play, it could be a novel, it could be a remake of another movie, and of course I've done all those things, and in each case the satisfaction comes from making a good movie; not from where the movie comes from. I don't have to question it if I find the story interesting". larob.

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