Gods Without Men

Gods Without Men è il titolo dell'ultimo romanzo di Hari Kunzru, uscito ora negli USA presso Knopf. Pare sia molto bello. Ecco quel che ne dice Rollo Romig sul New Yorker, "is the kind of book that reverberates long after you finish reading it. The main story concerns a New York couple, Jaz and Lisa, who travel to the empty spaces of eastern California with their severely autistic son, Raj, and the mysterious tragedy that befalls them there. But it contains many other stories and characters besides, spanning hundreds of years, all linked by an intricate web of echoes and clues, and all of which converge, in one way or another, at Pinnacle Rocks, a seemingly mystical geological formation in the desolate heart of the Mojave Desert". newyorker.

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