Olive Oil

Tom Mueller, Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil (Norton): un'indagine sulla produzione dell'olio d'oliva da leggere. Ecco quel che ne dice l'autore, "I'd been living in Italy for about ten years when I happened to see footage of olive farmers blockading the ports of Bari and Monopoli, in southern Puglia, with their tractors, in protest of what they said were imports of vegetable oils from elsewhere in the Mediterranean that were being illegally turned into olive oil by unscrupulous olive-oil producers and merchants. This caught my eye, and when I spoke with my editor at The New Yorker a short time later I suggested a story on olive oil. During the reporting for the story, I immersed myself in the subject, discovering a historic, cultural, religious, anthropological, and - yes - criminal depth to olive oil that seemed to deserve fuller treatment in a book". newyorker.

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