Writers' Bloc

E' il titolo di una rubrica lanciata dalla rivista online Guernica e curata dalla scrittrice Zadie Smith. Alcuni scrittori sono stati invitati a fare un reportage creativo, soggettivo, emotivo, ecc. sui paesi poveri, di solito descritti in modo impersonale o paternalistico dalle organizzazioni umanitarie. Ecco quel che dice Zadie Smith, "But it seemed to me a shame that between the highly technical, acronym-heavy documents written within the world of development and the often saccharine self-descriptions of the church workers, there were so few people writing development stories from a human perspective. Stories that were not especially concerned with a man’s eternal soul or his statistical representation, but with his life. ... The idea for Writers Bloc came from this perceived gap. ... The other thing that seems, to me, useful about Writers Bloc, is its tone of subjectivity, of passion. It is natural that development organizations should attempt a “neutral” voice, express little outrage, and try not to offend the governments with whom they work. But it is also natural, upon entering the gap between first world and the third, to feel something, to be moved, and to have opinions, to express anger". guernicamag.

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