"Someone" è il titolo di un racconto molto bello di Alice McDermott, uscito sul New Yorker, ma purtroppo non disponibile online. Fa parte di un libro che McDermott sta scrivendo, ambientato a Brooklyn negli anni Trenta.
You mentioned that this piece was taken from a novel-in-progress. Is the rest of the book about Marie, the heroine of “Someone”?
Yes. Over time, I have honed what began as a teeming novel into the story of one unremarkable woman. I did this with some trepidation: teeming novels do strike me as so much more impressive. And novels about unremarkable women, especially those written by unremarkable women, seem a thing of the past. But that’s what the novel wanted to be. I suppose I’m drawn to the stories that the more sophisticated, critical chorus in my brain warns against. It’s the contrarian in me, I’m afraid. newyorker.

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