Nick Hornby on Robert Harris

Robert Harris fotografato da Annie Leibovitz
Non sapevo fossero parenti. Bello il profilo che Nick Hornby fa del cognato, Robert Harris, "The man who would one day become my sister's husband ticked all the right boxes, when I first met him. He was clearly smart. He looked as though he would prefer to spend the evening in an expensive but unpretentious London restaurant than in a crack house. He was warm, friendly, funny. If there was one tiny thing that might give a concerned brother pause for thought, it was the enormous bookshelf given over more or less entirely to books about the Third Reich: there were more swastikas in his one-bedroom Shepherd's Bush flat than in the whole of occupied France. But what was a brother supposed to do? It wasn't as though he was hiding them from my sister. She'd presumably seen them. I decided not to interfere. A few years later, in 1992, his first novel, Fatherland, was published, to enormous acclaim and grotesque international success, and it all started to make sense". vanityfair.

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