Stone Mattress

E' il titolo del racconto, bello, di Margaret Atwood, uscito sull'ultimo numero del New Yorker. Della genesi del racconto Atwood dice, "Over the past ten years, Graeme Gibson [il compagno di Atwood, anche lui scrittore, n.d.r.] and I have voyaged frequently with a group called Adventure Canada. We travel as resource staff - this company shares our interest in conservation, as do most who travel with the company - so we ourselves give talks about the North and related matters. I did write the story on board, after some idle conversation about whether one could murder someone on such a cruise and get away with it. Graeme, who has a devious mind, said it would depend on the tag-turning. I read part of the story aloud to my fellow passengers, who appeared amused and wanted to read the rest; so now they will!" Se, anche voi, volete sapere come la storia va a finire (e come comincia), clicclate qui.

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