Il signore delle mosche

Sul Guardian Breve e interessante storia delle copertine di Lord of the Flies, uscito originalmente nel 1954 (a fianco l'ultima edizione, in paperback, di Faber). A proposito, il 19 settembre è stato il centenario della nascita di William Golding.
Publishing company Faber initially marketed Golding's novel as a guileless supplement to this tradition [si allude alla tradizione dei libri per ragazzi]. On the cover for the first edition the boys explore a tropical forest of fronds and creepers that is not at all threatening; they remain in formation as they march along, and although one of them wolfs down a banana, he is still wearing his school cap, which makes up for his rude gluttony. An "educational edition" in 1973 – a precursor of the new one, for which young readers are invited to design a cover of their own – used a still from Brook's film. Though the boys are hunting, they look as unlethal as the Darling children in Peter Pan.
Gradually, successive editions came clean about the book's diabolism. guardian.

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