Erica Jong su sesso e potere

Time ha intervistato Erica Jong sui recenti scandali sessuali che hanno coinvolto uomini di potere. 

It seems like the season of sex scandals lately. Why that might be the case?
I think that there have always been sex scandals. I think that now, people are reporting them more accurately than before. What strikes me about all these so-called scandals is how far we have not come since feminism. I mean, when you look at Anne Sinclair paying a fortune to take care of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, you wonder why on earth a woman with her own profession, with an inherited fortune, would be doing that for a man who's so obviously a sick puppy, and totally narcissistic. What does she get out of the relationship? Is she going to spend her fortune defending this man who everybody in France knew was like a chimpanzee in rut?
You've written so much about women enjoying sex, but women don't get into these scandals. Why not?
Well, occasionally women get into sex scandals when you have teachers seducing students and things like that. But I don't think that women make the assumption that men make. The assumption that these men make is that their power will protect them. Women know they won't be protected and that they'll be exposed. And it has to do with how much power men have in society and how little women have. So they don't take these risks, which to men like DSK don't even seem like risks. They feel they will be protected by the establishment because they sit atop the establishment. time.

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