What Is Left the Daughter

Howard Norman
Quanti romanzi interessanti e quanto poco tempo per leggerli! What Is Left the Daughter, di Howard Norman (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) sembra uno di questi, almeno dalla bella recensione che ne fanno Martin Greenberg e Paula Fox. Un libro pieno di passioni forti, di amore e morte e confusione, ambientato a Witless Bay, nelle Newfoundlands."What Is Left the Daughter consists of a long letter written by Wyatt Hillyer to his daughter Marlais, whom he last saw when she was six. It begins: Marlais, today is March 27, 1967, your twenty-first birthday. I'm writing because I refuse any longer to have my life defined by what I haven't told you. I've waited until now to relate the terrible incident that I took part in on October 16, 1942, when I was nineteen". nyrb.

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