In difesa di una parola tabù

La grande Jenny Diski scrive sul NYT in difesa di una parola che il NYT non pubblicherebbe neppure in forma di lettera iniziale/asterischi/lettera finale. E si augura che le donne se ne riapproprino. "What have writers got but words? And what have people got but their own bodies to inhabit? What then if you're a writer and the kind of person who has a body part that could be named by a word that can't be used? At any rate, the word can't be used in this magazine, nor can it be represented by a couple of letters with asterisks in between (too risqué, those stars) ... Its that dangerous, that offensive. So for a writer and a woman, what could be more alluring and commanding than to write and vocalize the private part that dare not speak its name except in Latin and/or euphemism?" nyt.

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