Stephen King parla di sé

Sul numero di maggio di Atlantic uscirà un racconto di Stephen King dal titolo "Herman Wouk Is Still Alive", di fatto già disponibile on line.
Stephen King parla con James Parker del suo lavoro e di se stesso, oltre che del racconto:

SK: No. I never write ideas down. Because all you do when you write ideas down is kind of immortalize something that should go away. If they're bad ideas, they go away on their own.
JP: So this awful thing of the writer who goes, "Oh, I had a great idea but I forgot it!" - you don't really subscribe to that.
SK: No. Because that wasn't a great idea. If you can't remember it, it was a terrible idea. 
JP: ... what is your favorite part of the creative process?
SK: It's still when you sit down and you get a really good day, and something happens that you don't expect and you just take off, you just go off on the material - I love that, when that happens.
JP: How often does it happen?
SK: I don't knock myself out as often as I used to. But often enough so that you know it when it happens. In the new book, which is called 11/22/63, I was writing about a high-school variety show and I just went off. Terrific. Lot of fun.
JP: And how does it feel to have an unwritten book inside your brain?
SK: I never started a book that I expected to finish. Because it always feels like a job that's much too big for a little guy like me. 
JP: And how do you keep your energy up?
SK: I don't know. Eat three meals a day and sleep eight hours a night. I read a lot. I'm still in love with what I do, with the idea of making things up, so hours when I write always feel like very blessed hours to me. atlantic.

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