The State of Book Reviewing

Publishers Weekly ha lanciato un'iniziativa interessante: una serie di interviste a recensori sullo "stato della recensione". La prima a essere intervistata è Laura Miller di Salon. Ecco quel che dice, fra l'altro, "Your primary responsibility is to the reader. My friend Lev Grossman, the Time magazine book critic, has a motto that sums it up: Don’t lie. ... It's bad when an author gets a bad review he or she doesn't deserve, but it's bad for the overall ecology of book reviews, if a reviewer gives a book an unduly positive review. It establishes a climate of bad faith. This is something that has already happened; there's a feeling in the public that reviewers try to sell them on authors that aren't that good. That's one reason that professional reviews are becoming extinct: people don't trust them." Mi sembra quel che stia succedendo (anzi è successo) in Italia. Esiste ancora un recensore di cui fidarsi qui da noi? PW.

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