A Writing Workshop

10 Thoughts on Academia Novel Crisis. Cathy Day, scrittrice e prof. di creative writing, elenca in modo molto spiritoso i problemi dei corsi di creative writing. "5. This is Not How You Do It. I know some people who took a novel workshop in college. This is how it went down. First, they studied the first sentences of a bunch of novels and wrote one of their own, then workshopped it. Then they studied first paragraphs of novels and expanded their first sentences into first paragraphs and workshopped those. Then they studied first chapters of a few novels and wrote one of their own, then workshopped their chapters. And then the semester was over". themillions.

Molti modi di leggere. What good to a Nook is a hook-cook Vook? "And so: Vook! The invention of Brad Inman, Vook — a software application that combines video and text — was introduced as a programming platform in 2009. Promptly people started mixing it up with the Nook, the Barnes and Noble e-reader. They're different. Vooks are not physical devices; they’re digital video books. Vook apps are available through the App Store for iPad and iPhone; at vook.com for reading on the Internet; through the iBookstore; and through the Amazon Kindle application for iPad and iPhone. (Android applications are in the works.) nyt.

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