Ghe pensi mi, I’ll take care of it

Quel che pensa della situazione politica italiana  Ingrid D. Rowland, docente all'University of Notre Dame School of Architecture di Roma, "In any event, Berlusconi is no longer in control of Italy (it has been clear at least since his wife announced that she was divorcing him a year ago that he has lost control of himself); he may even have lost touch with his own times. Over the course of the summer, two brave, stubborn old-style statesman, the courtly President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano - a former Communist - and the implacably cool Gianfranco Fini - a former Neofascist - have united to insist that Italy is a constitutional democracy rather than a populist circus, and that insistence (along with their very different but exceptional abilities to bide their time) has confounded a Prime Minister no longer accustomed to being confounded..." nyrb.

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