Emma Donoghue, Joyce Carol Oates e Yiyun Li

Emma Donoghue, Room (Little, Brown & Company). Bellissimo libro narrato da un bambino di 5 anni relegato in una camera con la madre. nytbr.

Joyce Carol Oates, Sourland. Stories (Ecco/HarperCollins). Raccolta di racconti in cui Oates esplora il tema di donne in lutto che diventano facilmente preda di violenza. nytbr.

Yiyun Li (nella foto), Gold Boy, Emerald Girl (Random House). "While the circumstances in which Yiyun Li’s characters find themselves have much to do with the strictures and the simultaneously casual and calculated cruelties of an authoritarian regime, the feelings these men and women must endure — longing, regret, loneliness, the desperate desire to bridge the gap that divides them from others — will be familiar, perhaps all too familiar, to everyone, everywhere. Indeed, the damage inflicted on these hapless souls by their political history — a professor is made to clean toilets, a girl enamored of English literature is drafted into the army — begins to seem emblematic of the misfortunes and unjust turns of fate that are beyond human control, regardless of the economic system under which one happens to live", dice Francine Prose di questo libro. nytbr

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