The Naked and the Conflicted: "Roth’s explicit passages walk a fine, difficult line between darkness, humor and lust, and somehow the male hero emerges from all the comic clauses breathless, glorified. There is in these scenes rage, revenge and some garden-variety sexism, but they are — in their force, in their gale winds, in their intelligence — charismatic, a celebration of the virility of their bookish, yet oddly irresistible, protagonists." Katie Roiphe sul sesso raccontato dagli scrittori americani della vecchia e nuova generazione. nyt.

"guidos" and "guidettes": slang for a working-class urban Italian-American, widely perceived by Italian-Americans as a pejorative word. Un nuovo reality di MTV, Jersey Shore, che ha come protagonisti 4 guidos e 4 guidettes, provoca indignazione tra la comunità degli italo-americani. G/O.

Daniel Menaker che intervista se stesso sul suo nuovo libro A Good Talk: The Story and Skill of Conversation

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