E' una tradizione del New Yorker, una poesia scherzosa natalizia con molti riferimenti a persone ed eventi dell'anno. La prima poesia fu scritta nel 1935 da Frank Sullivan. Quando, nel 1976, Sullivan morì, subentrò Roger Angell. Tra il 1995 e il 2008 c'è stata una pausa, e poi, dall'anno scorso Greetings, Friends! è ricominciata. In un'intervista Angell parla della sua poesia di quest'anno.

L'interessante intervista a Michael Specter sui diffusi pregiudizi nei confronti della scienza. "...if you think that sustaining the earth means improving food supply for the billion people who go to bed hungry every night, why are so many people opposed to genetically engineered crops, which have been shown for years to be safe, which have lowered the use of insecticide wherever they are grown, and which hold out so much promise for helping feed people in parts of the world where drought and hunger are common?" nyer. Micheal Specter, Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives (Penguin Press).

Guida alla letteratura elettronica. "Some of the best reads this season are being produced by electronic writers — techies devoted to the life of literature off the printed page. Their experimental fiction and poetry is colorful, cacophonous, animated and interactive — and often mediated by a host of different technologies." flavorwire.

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