Di nuovo Gay Talese, che qui sembra una persona mite e determinata, che scrive sui cartoni che tengono a posto le camicie stirate in tintoria le storie delle persone che accendono la sua immaginazione. Fantastica la seconda parte dell'intervista, quando Talese parla di come abbia scritto il suo pezzo probabilmente più noto, "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold". "Yes, I’m sure he knew who I was, but he didn’t talk to me. I wasn’t asking him for any favors but I was interviewing a lot of so-called minor characters. I specialize in minor characters. When I finally got back to New York I looked up Jilly Rizzo, a saloon owner who was close to Sinatra. He took me to see Sinatra’s parents in New Jersey. That was a great opportunity for me, because Sinatra’s mother was friendly and she told me about his relationship with Ava Gardner. I have to believe that Sinatra gave her permission to speak with me, because otherwise I doubt she would have seen me. Both Sinatra and I were cooperating with each other without acknowledging it. In other words, I was not asking for an interview, and he wasn’t saying, Don’t write about me. It was a funny little dance." The Paris Review.

E per chi volesse leggere quel grande pezzo di giornalismo che è "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold", Esquire.

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